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Empower Your Business with Seamless Collaboration Enterprise Content Management ECM

In today’s digital age, businesses often grapple with vast amounts of unstructured information, leading to bottlenecks in accessing, processing, or storing this data. ECM is an organization’s strategy to store, centralize, and share its documents and assets. It encompasses tools that facilitate content creation, editing, management, revision, publishing, retrieval, and applied use, regardless of the source or initial format. The primary function of an ECM solution is to declutter while enhancing data visibility and accessibility, leading to significant time and cost savings. 

With our ECM solution, you can:

  1. Archive information swiftly, anytime, anywhere. 
  2. Eliminate paperwork, making record-keeping more efficient. 
  3. Organize and structure your business data. 
  4. Enhance team efficiency and productivity. 
  5. Save time and minimize data entry errors. 
  6. Access a real-time, comprehensive view of all information from a centralized location. 

Liferay DXP ® : Nuxeo Platform 

Nuxeo is a leading Content Services Platform that helps organizations unlock the full value of their digital content. Whether you’re dealing with documents, images, or videos, Nuxeo provides a rich set of features to manage, transform, and analyze your content. With its modular architecture and robust APIs, Nuxeo seamlessly integrates with existing business systems, enhancing collaboration and improving content-centric processes. 

OpenText® : nterprise Content Management (ECM) 

With OpenText ECM solutions, bridge the gap between content and digital processes to boost productivity, enhance governance, and drive digital transformation. Notably, our offerings include: 

  • OpenText Extended ECM Platform: A comprehensive solution to manage content throughout its lifecycle. 
  • OpenText xECM for Government: Tailored solutions for public sector entities. 
  • OpenText xECM for Engineering: Streamlined content management for engineering projects. 
  • OpenText xECM for SAP Solutions: Seamless integration with SAP, enhancing content-driven processes. 

Microsoft SharePoint: Collaborative Work Redefined 

Microsoft SharePoint is an Intranet/Extranet platform that integrates seamlessly with Office and third-party applications like business management tools, CRMs, and ERPs. It centralizes and classifies information, making it easily accessible. SharePoint not only allows you to store and share documents but also facilitates collaboration, project organization, and information retrieval from any workstation. With SharePoint, create an internal, private network for your company, fostering enhanced collaboration and centralized information access. 

Features of SharePoint include:

  • Portal Creation: Build intranet, extranet, and internet sites on a unified web infrastructure. 
  • Document Management: Simplify enterprise-wide document handling. 
  • Project Management: Engage users in a regulated content management lifecycle. 
  • Search: Users can swiftly find content, business data, and colleagues within an integrated platform. 
  • Process & Workflow Automation: Streamline workflows and procedures. 
  • Integration & Reporting: Access both structured and unstructured data to create intuitive reports. 

12 Advantages of Using SharePoint 

  • Time Efficiency: Save an average of 6,000 hours due to enhanced staff productivity.
  • Document Sharing: Easily share documents across teams and departments.
  • Task & Project Management: Centralize and streamline task assignments and project workflows.
  • Personalized Information Publishing: Deliver tailored information to suppliers and clients.
  • Mobile Access: Access SharePoint from smartphones and automatically integrate attachments.
  • Offline Work: Access and work on your documents even without an internet connection.
  • Automated Document Archiving: Ensure all your documents are systematically archived.
  • Integrated Data: Seamlessly integrate data from other applications like ERP, CRM, and Accounting.
  • Process Automation: Create automated processes, workflows, and forms.
  • Versatile Site Creation: Use SharePoint to create intranet, extranet, external user sites, or even your own website.
  • Business Intelligence: Leverage SharePoint to gather essential insights, organize content, and analyze data.
  • Powerful Search Engine: With SharePoint’s search feature, find files, spreadsheets, and PowerPoint presentations in just a few clicks, as well as get answers to your queries.

  • Création de processus, workflows et formulaires 
  • SharePoint crée des sites internet pour l’intranet, l’extranet, les personnes externes à l’organisation ou tout simplement votre propre site.
  • Business Intelligence : SharePoint vous aide à apporter les informations essentielles pour mieux comprendre et organiser vos contenus pour ensuite pouvoir analyser vos données.
  • Moteur de recherche : L’aspect recherche de SharePoint vous permet de trouver vos fichier, feuilles de calcul et vos présentations PowerPoint en quelques clics uniquement, mais également des réponses à vos questions.

Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 combines traditional Office applications like Word and Excel with a suite of online apps. Every member of your organization can access Office 365 by simply logging in. Available applications include OneDrive, Teams, Planner, Sway, Forms, and more. From accessing files on OneDrive to collaborating on Teams or organizing tasks on Planner, Office 365 offers a holistic suite to meet all your business needs 

  • OneDrive for Business: Empower your team with seamless access to work files anytime, anywhere, on any device. OneDrive ensures your data is always at your fingertips, making collaboration effortless and efficient. 
  • Teams: Experience the future of communication with Microsoft Teams. A unified hub that integrates conversations, files, applications, and online meetings, Teams fosters a collaborative environment that drives productivity. 
  • Planner: Streamline task management with Microsoft Planner. Designed for teams, Planner offers an intuitive interface to organize tasks, ensuring projects stay on track. 
  • Sway: Redefine presentations with Sway. This dynamic online tool offers a visually captivating alternative to traditional platforms like PowerPoint and Publisher, ensuring your content stands out. 
  • SharePoint: Part of the Office 365 suite, SharePoint is your gateway to creating and accessing sites that share news, resources, and content. Seamlessly integrate SharePoint Online with your Microsoft Teams workspace, and securely organize and share files both internally and externally. 
  • Forms: Gather insights effortlessly with Microsoft Forms. This user-friendly application lets you craft surveys and questionnaires, making feedback collection a breeze. 
  • Stream: Introducing Microsoft Stream, a dedicated video service. Allow your staff to upload, view, and securely share videos, fostering a culture of knowledge sharing and collaboration. 
  • Whiteboard: Unleash creativity with Microsoft Whiteboard. A digital canvas where ideas, content, and collaboration converge, Whiteboard transforms brainstorming sessions into visual masterpieces.