The Data Revolution: Are You Ready? 

In the age of digital transformation, we’ve entered the “Data Age”. The rise of business applications, social media, and high-speed technologies like 4G have exponentially increased data accessibility and transfer speeds. In this fast-paced, intelligent world, real-time data-driven decisions are paramount. Thrive in this era by gaining a 360° real-time view of clients, employees, partners, and business processes. 

Dans un monde devenu plus rapide et plus intelligent, les données doivent éclairer les décisions en temps réel. Prospérer dans cette nouvelle ère, nécessite que chaque organisation possède une vue 360° en temps réel avec la capacité d’agir en temps réel sur ses clients, ses employés, ses partenaires et ses processus métier.


What is Business Intelligence (BI)? 

For over two decades, Business Intelligence has been pivotal. Recent user-centric IT solutions have made BI more accessible than ever. At its core, BI, also known as decision-making IT, offers tools and methods to provide managers with relevant information. It aims to assist them in understanding their environment and making strategic decisions. Effective BI places user needs at its heart. 


Performance Indicators & Dashboards 

  • Visualize performance metrics through charts, highlighting strengths and areas of improvement. 

  • Customize indicators based on responsibilities. 

  • Monitor critical activities, measure performance, and set up activity-level alerts. 

  • Receive alerts across various channels (Windows Messages, Email, SMS, etc.). 

  • Dashboards offer a comprehensive view at a glance, aiding swift decision-making, activity monitoring, and performance management. 


Automated, pre-configured reports delivering personalized, consistent information. 

  • Automated data extraction and consolidated report generation. 

  • Schedule periodic report deliveries (daily, monthly, etc.). 

  • Dynamic report updates. 

  • Centralized report repository with access controls. 


Extracting Knowledge from Data is the central element of a decision support solution. The data are first transformed into information from which we will extract an intelligible knowledge, useful, promoting a better decision, and allowing :  

  • Central to decision support, data is transformed into intelligible, actionable insights. 

  • Real-time, multi-criteria data analysis. 

  • Geographic data analysis (Geo-marketing, Geo-tracking, Geo-localization). 

  • Predictive analytics, trend discovery, and seasonality insights. 

  • Advanced and classical statistical analysis. 

Microsoft Power BI ®

Empower your business with the leading BI and Data Visualization platform. As the market leader in Algeria, IT solutions helps businesses make informed decisions using Power BI. Cleanse data, create powerful visual dashboards, and share with unique collaboration features, all integrated with Microsoft Office 365.

Qlik Sense®

Data analytics platform

Qlik Sense The end-to-end data analysis platform. Qlik Sense is a next-gen analytics tool. With its unique associative engine, sophisticated AI, and high-performance cloud platform, it enables every member of your organization to make better daily decisions, fostering a truly data-driven enterprise.