In an era marked by rapid technological advancements, resting on past knowledge is not an option. Both individuals and enterprises face a choice: rely on outdated knowledge or embrace continuous learning. To cater to the ever-growing training needs of businesses, we offer high-value training and mentorship, delivered by seasoned professionals with extensive hands-on experience. 

Skill Transfer: Our Methodology 

Our approach to knowledge transfer is multifaceted, ensuring a deep and lasting understanding: 

  • Introduction/Discovery Sessions: One-day presentations aimed at disseminating concise yet comprehensive knowledge to a broad audience. 
  • Workshops: Spanning 3 to 5 days, these sessions blend theoretical instruction with practical exercises, equipping participants with foundational skills to implement specific technologies. 
  • Technology Synthesis: Over 2 to 3 days, senior consultants provide an in-depth overview of a technical solution, emphasizing architecture, technology integration, appropriate development processes, and functional and technical implications. These sessions are enriched with real-world insights and experiences. 

Training Catalog

  • Workshop: Preparation for PMP Certification 
  • Introduction to PMP Certification and PMBoK 
  • ERP Project Management: Dive deep into specialized methodologies tailored for ERP systems (Microsoft SureSteps, Oracle OUM, SAP Activate) 
  • Business Intelligence (BI) Project Management: Understand the nuances of managing BI projects with our specialized methodology. 
  • Enterprise Architecture: Explore the world of enterprise architecture with Togaf, ensuring your organization’s IT strategy aligns perfectly with its business objectives. 
  • Querying Data with Transact-SQL 
  • Developing SQL Databases 
  • Administering a SQL Database Infrastructure 
  • Managing SQL Business Intelligence Operations 
  • Implementing a SQL Data Warehouse 
  • Developing SQL Data Models 
  • Analyzing Data with SQL Server Reporting Services 
  • Planning and Administering SharePoint 2016 
  • Advanced Technologies of SharePoint 2016 
  • Discover Container and Orchestration Technologies 
  • Workshop: Introduction to Docker Container Technology 
  • Workshop: Introduction to Kubernetes Orchestration Technology 
  • Basic Linux Administration Workshop 
  • Advanced Linux Administration Workshop 
  • Python Development Workshop 
  • Odoo Development Workshop 
  • Android Development Workshop 
  • Odoo Technical Consultancy Workshop 
  • Oracle JD Edwards E1 Technical Consultancy Workshop 
  • SAP S4/HANA Technical Consultancy Workshop 
  • Odoo Finance Functional Consultancy Workshop 
  • Odoo SCM Functional Consultancy Workshop 
  • Oracle JDEdwards Finance Functional Consultancy Workshop 
  • Oracle JDEdwards SCM Functional Consultancy Workshop 
  • Oracle JDEdwards Sales Order Management Functional Consultancy Workshop 

training is intended for companies only.